What is needed for the best betting site

Each time someone makes betting football predictions invariably he or she uses some specialized websites for football statistics and odds. That’s why in a few words I’ll explain what I want to find in such betting sites which would be useful for my predictions.

Of course, the first thing I would like to have in such sites for betting predictions is odds given from different bookmakers. Thus I can easily find where the highest odds are and possibly to bet on them. Also it would be nice to have history with all the odds changes that have occurred in the last days before the match. This will give me information on how people have bet on this match.

Another important thing which must be in such sites is the information about the standings,Betting the standings after the last 6 games, ranking as hosts and guests. Also it is better to present information such as the recent meetings of both teams and additional information about recent matches between the teams.

To complete the picture there must be much more specific data such as: the average number of goals scored by the host and guest; information about received goals; information about the corners executed by both teams; the average possession of the ball which both teams have.

It would be useful to present the average number of yellow and red cards which the players of both teams get per match.

It would be interesting if we have access to information such as the average number of shoots on both sides and goal attempts. It would be of great help if somewhere appears as a factor how many goal attempts are needed for a team to realize a goal.

Of course for a betting prediction about a match we should have information about the results on the half time of the matches and how many times a team was in the lead and lost the match and the opposite too.

All these data can help us to find the difference between the odds offered by the bookmakers and the real ones. If we find some it will help us to bet more safety and with a profit.