The three deadly sins of betting

Greed, indiscipline and chaos. These three are the factors that will lead you to loss of money if you decide to deal with betting. These three human characteristics need to be overcome at any cost before betting on a football match or any other sporting event.

Greed in betting is a problem that is difficult to handle. Ultimately, we do betting not for any other reason but to make money. That’s why the border between a moderate and quiet game and the game that will make us lose our money is so small. In our desire to win more money from betting we once again add another match in our betting coupon, although it is clear that the last time we did this exactly this other match failed us. ‘Don’t be greedy’ must be the first thing in your mind when you make your first bet.

Lack of discipline is also a huge factor in our failure.betting greed Let’s say you play in a system where you have decided to make only one prediction per day. We do this because it will enable us to bet on the best match with the best odds. However, we see two similar matches and stake on them both. Even if in the first few tries this is successful and we win some money, in the long run this will only bring losses.

The chaos in our game is the third major factor that can bring us problems. What is it? Let’s say you choose a betting system that starts not so well and you lose part of your starting bank. Here, the winning rule is to keep betting according to your system. Jumping from system to system without giving them the needed time is a huge mistake. You need to complete your projects, regardless of the instantaneous results.

The humility, the discipline and the disciplined game are the three factors that will surely help you in your betting. Cultivate these qualities in yourself and you will soon enjoy a more pleasant and profitable game.