The three deadly sins of betting

Greed, indiscipline and chaos. These three are the factors that will lead you to loss of money if you decide to deal with betting. These three human characteristics need to be overcome at any cost before betting on a football match or any other sporting event.

Greed in betting is a problem that is difficult to handle. Ultimately, we do betting not for any other reason but to make money. That’s why the border between a moderate and quiet game and the game that will make us lose our money is so small. In our desire to win more money from betting we once again add another match in our betting coupon, although it is clear that the last time we did this exactly this other match failed us. ‘Don’t be greedy’ must be the first thing in your mind when you make your first bet.

Lack of discipline is also a huge factor in our failure.betting greed Let’s say you play in a system where you have decided to make only one prediction per day. We do this because it will enable us to bet on the best match with the best odds. However, we see two similar matches and stake on them both. Even if in the first few tries this is successful and we win some money, in the long run this will only bring losses.

The chaos in our game is the third major factor that can bring us problems. What is it? Let’s say you choose a betting system that starts not so well and you lose part of your starting bank. Here, the winning rule is to keep betting according to your system. Jumping from system to system without giving them the needed time is a huge mistake. You need to complete your projects, regardless of the instantaneous results.

The humility, the discipline and the disciplined game are the three factors that will surely help you in your betting. Cultivate these qualities in yourself and you will soon enjoy a more pleasant and profitable game.

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What is needed for the best betting site

Each time someone makes betting football predictions invariably he or she uses some specialized websites for football statistics and odds. That’s why in a few words I’ll explain what I want to find in such betting sites which would be useful for my predictions.

Of course, the first thing I would like to have in such sites for betting predictions is odds given from different bookmakers. Thus I can easily find where the highest odds are and possibly to bet on them. Also it would be nice to have history with all the odds changes that have occurred in the last days before the match. This will give me information on how people have bet on this match.

Another important thing which must be in such sites is the information about the standings,Betting the standings after the last 6 games, ranking as hosts and guests. Also it is better to present information such as the recent meetings of both teams and additional information about recent matches between the teams.

To complete the picture there must be much more specific data such as: the average number of goals scored by the host and guest; information about received goals; information about the corners executed by both teams; the average possession of the ball which both teams have.

It would be useful to present the average number of yellow and red cards which the players of both teams get per match.

It would be interesting if we have access to information such as the average number of shoots on both sides and goal attempts. It would be of great help if somewhere appears as a factor how many goal attempts are needed for a team to realize a goal.

Of course for a betting prediction about a match we should have information about the results on the half time of the matches and how many times a team was in the lead and lost the match and the opposite too.

All these data can help us to find the difference between the odds offered by the bookmakers and the real ones. If we find some it will help us to bet more safety and with a profit.

Everton vs Manchester United my prediction

There is no doubt that the season 2012/2013 will be crucial for Manchester United. Last year they lost the title in the most unfortunate way with two goals in the last seconds. What is even more bitter for Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney and company is the fact that the first place went to the neighbors of Manchester City.

The first opponent United will face this year is the team of Everton and the match will take place in Liverpool. One can hardly find a more troublesomemy betting site opponent and stadium for the first match than Everton. They are willing to do everything possible to stop United from the outset and they have the class to do it. David Moyes’s team is well grouped and with the return of Steven Pienar and Nikola Jelavic in attack is a threat to any defense in the Premier League.

Manchester United make the transfer shock for this season, drawing in the team Robin van Persie from Arsenal. He comes to the Reds for the amount of 20 million pounds, which if he doesn’t get any of his typical injuries surely will be paid off with interest.

However, it is highly unlikely for van Persie to start in this match, and even if he makes it, it is unlikely to be particularly effective because of the lack of ball minutes with the other players of United. Van Persie’s role will be to score goals and this is exactly what is missing for the Ferguson’s boys in the last matches. The friendly matches showed it. They also showed that Nani is not particularly inspired to play and the other strikers and midfielders failed to do what they should do.

Where are the chances for Everton? With its cohesive team and every player willing to fight at 100 percent with every opponent they have very good chances to take something from this match. The plus for them is the fact they will be the hosts, the good bond between the lines and the lack of such in the opponents.

If this match is played in September, then in any case I wouldn’t bet in that way, but today I bet boldly in favor of Everton with Asian handicap of +0.5;+1 goal, which gives odds of 1.7.